Wrangling the Cowboy

Well well well… look who we have here!

The Cowboy has been wrangled! This is Monroe’s mate who was dumped at the park with her. Today, the volunteer from the Seattle Animal Shelter who has been trying to help him for a week finally caught him. The park was really crowded with people and dogs and kids, and Cowboy was jonesing for some Cheerios. So he walked into the parking lot with the volunteer to eat some, and the volunteer was able to grab him. Frankly I was pretty shocked, as I thought it was going to take an army and a boat to get him. She has been visiting him a lot, so I bet he was glad to see her, especially with so many strange people and dogs around. He was probably glad to see Cheerios, too.

We placed Cowboy in a pen and brought Monroe out to see him for a bit. I’m really glad we did, because the volunteer noticed that Monroe has a prolapse! Poor Monroe just can’t catch a break! I hadn’t noticed it because I’m always carrying Monroe facing front. It could also be a new development, but I don’t think so. I wish the vet or I had noticed it earlier, because it has probably been hurting quite a bit, in addition to the pain of her broken pelvis. I’m not able to press it back inside, because she’s got a lot of swelling and some hard urates blocking her inside. It’s not great, but I’m hoping the antibiotics she’s already on will help until we can get her back to the vet on Tuesday. And thankfully, she is comfortable with new pain medication 3-times a day.

A very special thanks to Monroe and Cowboy’s savior, the volunteer who caught Cowboy. If she hadn’t kept such a close eye on them, they would be even worse off than they already are. Monroe is resting comfortably in the safety of our house, and Cowboy is snoozing outside in a predator-proof pen. They know they’re close to each other now, and we’ll let Monroe go see Cowboy again tomorrow for a bit as well.

In other news, Lester and Danny girl got to play outside for a while today. They had fun swimming in the pond, and then walked around and preened before taking a nap under Lester’s favorite shrubbery.

Here is a little video of them. As you can see, Danny is still weak and feeling the effects of metal toxicity. But she wasn’t even moving a week ago, so this is major progress. Lester is walking like a champ after being here a year. He could not sit when he arrived because his right leg was frozen in a sticking-out position. It’s amazing how well he does now.

That’s it for tonight. Please send good thoughts for poor Monroe. She is still very much in the woods, so I hope she can recover. Danny will take any good thoughts you have, too.

Thanks and quacks and honks,

Tiff & the flock

01. January 2012 by Silly Human
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