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New ducky, the one who came to us nearly dead from infection and metal toxicity, is feeling much better. She’s not out of the woods yet, because she needs serious surgery to remove the metal she swallowed, but she is about 70% better than when she first arrived, which is great.

And, she chose a name!

New girl chose the name “Danny.” I know it’s kind of a boy’s name, but it’s what fits. Tonight she had her first swim since arriving here. She finally felt good-enough to splash in the tub and she loved it. She and Lester are sharing a playpen now and getting along great. Lester likes the company.

Here are two little videos of their tub time tonight.

So please join me in welcoming Danny. She will be here at least until she has recovered from surgery, which could be another week away. Once she is recovered, we will try (as we always do) to see if she is quiet-enough for our neighborhood. If she isn’t (which is usually the case with female ducks) we will begin looking for a forever home for her.

In other news, Monroe the goose isn’t doing great, but is hanging in there. She’s not eating well yet. She did finally eat a bunch of romaine lettuce tonight, so that’s hopeful. But she is not liking the duck food, peas, corn, tomatoes, cheerios or cat kibble. Not even bread. I don’t know what she ate for the past month at the park she was dumped at, but it’s not on the menu here.

She is very sweet and chats with me all the time, but she also seems very sad. I am sure she misses her mate who is still at the park. We are trying to catch her mate but it may take a while. We hope to reunite them here until Monroe can hopefully recover from her broken pelvis and dog bite, then we will find a sanctuary to take them in (I hope). I heard before I took in Monroe that a sanctuary was already lined up, but now I’m not so sure. I guess that’s the kind of thing that makes life interesting, right?

Stay tuned, and thanks for all the good thoughts. After Friday’s re-check at the vet for both new rescues, we’ll post a fundraiser to help cover the costs of their treatment for anyone who wants to help out.

Quacks, clucks and honks,

Tiff & the flock

28. December 2011 by Silly Human
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