New Kid Update #3

Look who’s standing up!

The new rescued duck is improving a bit every day. She still stumbles and wobbles and falls down, which is likely from the metal toxins in her system. They cause neurological problems. But she is VASTLY better than a few days ago, and she continues to improve.

The vet’s office called today and said her blood work was back already, and she has a serious infection. So surgery to remove the metal she swallowed is out of the question for tomorrow. She will need to wait at least a week, and she will go back to the vet this Friday for a re-check to see if her infection is improving. Her white blood cell count should be between 7-13 but hers was 40. That gives a good indication for why she was feeling so terrible, in addition to the metal toxicity. And it also shows why she’s feeling better every day on antibiotics and EDTA chelation medication (to bind & remove metal toxins from her body). Anyone who has had a duck swallow metal knows she is still not out of the woods yet, so keep her in your thoughts.

Today she stood up for the first time, and I even had her go outside for a bit to hang in the aviary with Lester so I could clean her sleeping area and also clean Lester and Toro’s areas. Even though she stumbled and fell all over the aviary, she really seemed to enjoy being out there. She sat next to Lester and just looked all around her. I don’t want her outside until she is feeling much better, but I’ll probably take her out a few minutes a day so she can see what the future holds.

So that’s her update. She hasn’t given us her name yet, but she should as she continues to feel better.

Here’s a lullaby courtesy of Toro roo to help you sleep tonight.

Good night!

26. December 2011 by Silly Human
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