April Shadow Seeks Forever Home

This sweet girl has been with us for about a month and a half now. But we knew when we took her in that she was likely too loud for our quiet neighborhood. Unfortunately… it’s true. April is no louder than any other female mallard-descendent duck, but female ducks are much louder than males. Muscovy ducks are the exception. They are not descended from mallards and both males and females are very quiet. We have always been really careful to try to keep quiet ducks only, because of our close neighbors. This past year we’ve had a few exceptions with George the goose and a few short-term rooster rescues, and that is why April will need to be temporary as well.

April Shadow could not be cuter or sweeter. We really hoped we could keep her forever, as she is such an adorable kid. She is a very friendly girl and will even tolerate being held, especially if it involves treats. She will take treats out of your hand and will come running if you have her favorite treats: peas.

As you can see, she is very polite and well-mannered, except when she is scarfing down peas by the beak-full.

April Shadow is a beautiful, black Indian runner duck. She is quite small, weighing just about 3lbs. She does not fly well, but she can use her wings to hop up and down off of stuff or to get in and out of pools.

We are looking for a very safe home for her, because she is so small, domestic and friendly. She will need predator-proof housing at least at night, and a flock with some protection during the day. She would do well with other small ducks, but she is not a good match for muscovy drakes or too many males, because of her small size.

If you have ducks and think you could provide a safe, happy forever home for April Shadow with other ducks, please contact us here at Ducks and Clucks. Our email is listed on the “about us” page.

We will wait for the right home to come along, because April deserves the very best. We are in Seattle, WA and could transport her within 30 miles to the right, safe forever home. Please SHARE this post, so April has the best chance for finding a flock where she can sing and quack to her heart’s content.

Thanks and quacks.
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05. December 2011 by Silly Human
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