New Kid on the Flock

Today the new duck started her day by visiting with me on the bed for a while before getting up and going outside.

She had a nice swim in the pool and preened all of her feathers.

After a good flap, she dried off her feathers and enjoyed the sun for a bit.

Then she came back inside to stand on one leg for a while and take a nap. Meanwhile, we took a sample of her poop over to the veterinarian to check and ensure she is free of parasites.

Thankfully she is parasite-free! So that means she can now enjoy the company of her new crush, Lester Leroy. Gus tried to give her a bit of a hard time, but she just kept going around him to stand next to Lessie. She really likes Lester.

Lester enjoyed his evening swim and tried to keep the new girl out of his pool. As you can see, she REALLY wanted to join him for a swim. They are very cute together and I hope they continue to get along well. She can be REALLY LOUD when she wants to (like when I put Lester away for the night and she couldn’t play with him any more), so we’ll have to cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t become a problem.

For now she is safe and happy and healthy and content, and a very good ducky.

08. October 2011 by Silly Human
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