Turkey in a Sling

This weekend started with a cup of coffee and lounging on the lawn with the flock. Cindy Buttons has decided I am her favorite perch, and she climbs on me whenever and wherever I sit down.

After lounging with the flock, we went out to gather supplies to make a sling for Persephone and Toro roo. Persy’s leg has really given out and she has trouble standing and turning. It’s tough to see her struggle.

Toro could also use a sling so he can stretch his legs. He can walk a little bit, but it is a big effort for him so he spends most of his time sitting down. These two poor kids are a mess.

We went to the fabric store, the hardware store and the used baby goods store. We ended up taking a baby bouncer chair and modifying it to fit Persephone Kerfuffle. The height is adjustable, but we got it pretty close right off the bat.

Here’s a little video of Persy in the sling.

I think it was pretty comfy because she fell asleep. Hopefully the chair gives her a little stability in her legs and lets her stretch them. She’ll get to spend about an hour a day in the sling, depending on when we’re home.

Toro tried the swing next, and he was able to stretch out his legs and rest them a bit. It works well for both of them, so we’re pretty happy.

We’re going to make a few adjustments to it and add some larger elastic, but for a first try, it works pretty well.

In other news, we added some new paint and polkadots to the birdhouses that decorate the duck pens.

And we learned a new secret about Carol.

That’s it from the ducks and clucks (and kerfufflers).

Have a good week.

14. August 2011 by Silly Human
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