No Names Yet

None of the new kids have chosen names yet. They’re thinking about it. Sometimes it takes some time. Be patient. We don’t need suggestions. They pick the names themselves. Don’t ask me how. 🙂

Baby broiler roo is doing okay. I definitely think he’s a broiler chicken because he looks like all the photos I can find of them. They’re missing feathers, they’re too big for their legs and they can barely get around. Baby broiler roo is a sweetheart and loves his turkey friend. When he hears me wake up in the morning he peep peep peeps for me and we snuggle for a while before getting up.

Baby turkey is doing well and growing fast. S/he has a bit of slipped wing on both wings, and her leg is still a little twisted, but she gets around okay. She is super sweet and snuggly, just like the baby broiler roo. They love to sit with me in the mornings and late at night. Turkey runs around pretty well outside, but has been getting into trouble by challenging the chickens to a duel. Every time turkey challenges a chicken, she runs back to me when the chickens attack. It’s pretty cute. She’s going to be bossy, I can tell already.

Both baby broiler roo and baby turkey spent their first full day outside today. They did well and should be able to stay outside most days while the weather is warm. They still come in at night.

The puffy butt-less hen is doing great too. She is only about 3-months-old so she’s still a kid. She has to keep her distance from the hens, especially Janet who seems to want her dead. We now call her “The Janet Monster” and whenever she is chasing puffy butt-less hen, the hen runs to me and jumps up on me for safety. At least twice a day, puffy hen comes when I call her and hops up on me to settle down for a nap. It’s nice to have a lap chicken around, and I hope she never grows out of it.

Everyone else is doing well too. Here O’Malley and Gus hang out together in a rare moment of peace. Usually Gus is chasing the lady muscovies and O’Malley is chasing Gus. Lester is hopping better than ever and seems to be a happy little bug.

That’s about it for today’s update. Keep on quacking and clucking and we’ll share more soon. Hopefully we’ll share NAMES for the new kids soon, too!

09. July 2011 by Silly Human
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