Farewell to Benson & Reggie


On Sunday we packed up Benson & Reggie and headed off to the Baahaus Animal Rescue Group on Vashon Island. If you remember, Glenda & Karen of Baahaus were contacted about these two goobers, and we just picked them up for them. Then generous donors from Flapper’s site paid for their medical care to get them back to health so they could join the other animals at the sanctuary. Benson wasn’t even putting weight on his leg when we picked them up on February 26th, and both guys had three kinds of parasites and respiratory infections. What a mess!


Today they are both happy, healthy young boys, full of energy and mayhem and hi-jinks. Benson barely even limps on his bum leg. Here they are getting settled in temporary space at Baahaus.


They found some fresh water and cracked corn the chickens left behind, and were quite happy to explore their new temporary pen. You can see behind them they even have other ducks checking them out!


Of course a bonus to taking Benny & Reggie to Baahaus was that we got to see George the goose again!


George was busy preening his belly when we arrived, and hanging out with his new best buddy, Jeff the imprinted Canada goose. I didn’t expect George to run towards me in slow motion with wings outstretched for a heart-felt reunion, but he was a little more stand-off-ish than I expected. He did “hep” at me though, so I can’t complain.


And it is great to see George so happy, with such a great wingman like Jeff. They are perfect for each other.


George & Jeff wandered off on their merry way, and that was the last we saw of George. He is happy and a little lighter on his feet. He gets around really well and you’d never know he had a foot injury in the past. It was great to see him doing so well and in such a great forever sanctuary.


From the moment Benson & Reggie arrived on the scene, you could tell they were very special to each other, and just very special. They were so very sick after being dumped at Lake Geneva in Federal Way, WA. Benson couldn’t walk, they both had three parasites and neither of them could breathe well. It took five weeks of antibiotics for Benson’s leg and over 3-weeks for Reggie’s respiratory infection. A third duck that was dumped with them was killed before these two were rescued, and these two wouldn’t have survived much longer at the lake.


But look at these goobers now! Reggie is full of life and mischief. He is a bit of an ankle biter, but that’s just because he’s full of energy and needs some space to run around.


And Benson is as handsome as they come. He is a bit of a close-talker, so hopefully he will learn to back up and stay out of trouble at Baahaus.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the Kozmo Kirby Memorial Fund to help Reggie & Benson. Their care was not cheap, but it was fully covered by great people like you. As you can see, we’re just getting started with the new site in our post-Flapper life. Stay tuned and be patient while we get it up to speed. We miss Flapper dearly, but we also know that life goes on. Thank you for everyone who sent cards and letters. The PO Box was overflowing today, and it’s heartwarming to know that my special boy Flapper was also special to so many others.

So quacks and thanks, and bup bup bup to Benson & Reggie in their new forever home.

Oops! I forgot to mention that when we left Baahaus, the guard geese were too busy to escort us off the premises. So these cute little friendly ducks showed us out instead.


“Thank you for visiting ma’am. Come again.” – ducks

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