Weekend Update

Danny girl went to the vet today for another check-up. She has been here nearly a month now. She came to us after being found in a ditch. She had swallowed metal and was near death from metal poisoning and infection.

This was her original x-ray of the metal she swallowed:
It was such a big chunk of metal then. It has gotten smaller over time, and we’ve been trying to see if it will break up on its own so she doesn’t have to have surgery to remove it.

new xray
Look at it now! The metal has broken down into smaller pieces, and she is still on chelation medication to bind it and keep it from poisoning her. This is really great progress!

freckle beak
She will continue on medication to bind the toxins and go back in for another x-ray in another two weeks to see if the metal is gone. She still stumbles on her feet, but her mind is clear and she can get around on her own.

I’m not sure if she has permanent neurological damage from her metal poisoning, but it doesn’t matter. If we can get the rest of this metal out of her she will have a great prognosis and a happy, healthy future. She gets around good enough to care for herself, and that will do.

In other news, the whole flock has been cooped up for days while two big storms barreled through the Seattle area. Now I understand the term “cooped up,” because they got a little stir crazy.

But today the world finally began to thaw, and they came out of their coops into the big mud pile that is now our yard. The aviary needs some repair after the heavy snow collapsed some areas of the net, but that will wait a bit because we have two more wind storms headed our way.

petunia ramona
Petunia and Ramona really enjoyed doodling in the slushy mud puddles.

And O’Malley left his footprints in the melting snow.

Toro got some much-needed lap time (I needed it more than he did).

And we had some good conversations about bugs and crows and a fat squirrel.

Petunia had some lap time too, but she wasn’t as fond of it.

Cindy Buttons hopped up on her favorite perch (me) and directed all the afternoon bug hunting activities.

She and Toro are good friends, and Olivia too (she’s hiding behind Toro).

Even the new guy Miles came outside to enjoy some sunshine today.

fat squirrel
He was also interested in keeping an eye on the fat squirrel that Toro and I discussed.

Then he had a nice swim in the outdoor tub.

Check out this video of he and the Ramona Monster sassing each other.

I love having Miles around because he makes the same sounds as Flapper did. I haven’t had a Flapper-sounding duck since Flapper passed away last March. It’s fun to have a low-bwah’ing, donkey honking charmer around again, though of course it’s not the same.

Miles is doing well so far, and hopefully his leg will improve. He did have a high white blood count, so he’s on antibiotics for at least 14-days, likely a month. Septic arthritis infections take a long time to clear up, but they usually improve quite a bit. He can’t stay forever, as we’re pretty full here and he’s too aggressive for Lester & Danny, and too vulnerable to put with O’Malley. But I like having him around for now.

That’s it for now from the house of ducks & clucks. The snow is pretty but we’re glad it has moved on.


Tiff and the flock

21. January 2012 by Silly Human
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  1. Amazing progress for Danny – I’m so impressed at the change in the metal ‘ball’ that was first showing up in her xray. I hope she (and Miles, of course) will continue to improve. Best wishes to the Ducks and Clucks!

  2. Great news on Danny! I think the Muscovies like Miles, look at their tails wagging.

  3. Nothing much to say. I’m just smiling and thinking that nice little green house with the great fenced in yard sure holds a lot of love inside and out.

    I can’t help but have a special fondness for Toro as well. Roosters aren’t supposed to be kind and this guy sure seems like he’s saying “THANKS” for loving me.

  4. There is so much happiness and humor and love in your life. Some sadness….but on balance you have a wonderful life, a talent for writing and a great sense of humor.

  5. Slushy mud makes for the best bug-huntin’!

    That’s great news about Danny.

    I know what you mean about having a reminder. Willoughby the guinea pig does a lot of the things that Mariusz did, though of course it’s not the same. I love Will for the pig that he is, but I’ll always miss Mariusz. When he died, people told me that the pain will always be there, but I’ll get “used to it.” Not sure if that’s good or bad….

    Flappy. <3 I'll always love that sweet french-fry-eating donkey honker.

  6. Awesome update on the backyard friends Tif. thanks I’m sure they are all enjoying the rain now, more than the snow for sure.

  7. I’m so glad I came accross this. The house we are renting burnt down before we moved in and the builders left nails, screws and beer bottle lids everywhere. I have cleaned the yard twice, after the first time my greyhound got a 2inch screw in her foot puncturing the joint bursa nearly loosing her leg to infection so I did another clean. We just got some ducklings so, after reading this, I’ll be doing another look around on duck level and under bushes before they go outside.
    Thanks for posting you are doing a great job for the feathered babies

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