I am a Wizard!

“What’s that, Danny girl? Lionel is being dorky!? I will save you!”

“Now how do I cast a spell again? Oh that’s right… Ducks and clucks and muddy muck. Make Lionel behave like a GOOD duck.

“Did it work? Is he still being dorky?”

“I’m pretty good at this.”

“Okay, I’m done being a Wizard. Take this off.”

You got it, Lessie. Thanks for playing along and dressing up. You make a GREAT wizard!

Lester dressed up very briefly so we could share a photo with his veterinarian. They’re running a contest and the prize is a free nail trim. Since Lessie is handicapped, he doesn’t walk enough to wear down his nails. So that would be a GREAT prize for him!

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn everyone!

21. October 2013 by Silly Human
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