Happy Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a little bit of what I love about each and every one of my Valentines.
O’Malley is my dependable guy. We talk every single day, and he’d sit on my lap for hours if I had time. He is sweet, sensitive and affectionate.

Petunia is a sweet, quiet girl who is never any trouble. She’s getting older and while she has never been too friendly, she lets me pick her up to help her up to her perch at night, and she’ll eat treats out of my hand.

Lenora Bea is our newest scovy girl. She loves to talk sass and I love to join in. Although she’s not too fond of being held, she’s trusting and will sit next to me in the yard.

Little Olivia is our oldest hen. She has to be over 10-years-old now. She has cataracts and is a little slower than the other hens, but she holds her own and loves her life. She’s a talkative, friendly girl and a bright light in the yard.

olly astro
Olly Astro is cute and chatty. She can be friendly when she wants to, but only on her terms. She’ll run the full length of the yard to get a treat from me, and she is a good conversationalist.

Sweet guy Lester Leroy may be handicapped, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He is very independent and self-sufficient, even if he does need a little help to get to the aviary and back. He is a very good friend to his girl Danny.

Oh my Simon. He has been with me for years and years, from New York to San Francisco and Seattle. He is nearing 17-years-old and slowing down now, but he’s always as sweet as can be. He is super affectionate and shares love everywhere he goes.

Miles is a comical character and a bit bossy, but he’s a loyal friend and a good guy to Danny girl. I love that he tolerates me picking him up, and fluffing his super soft feathers.

Carol is by far my most challenging Valentine. She is noisy, bossy and a bully. She’s had me up at dawn almost every day for over a year now, but I still love her dearly. She’s smart, and demanding, and I respect her for it.

Cindy Buttons is my lap chicken. She can be a bit of a terror, chasing and attacking ducks. But most of the time she is just a sporty, playful, friendly girl who will visit and sit with me in the yard.

Lionel is probably my most handsome Valentine. Unfortunately he is not very people-friendly, but he does do well with the routine here, and he will let me lift him up and around into his part of the aviary each day. It’s too bad he’s not friendly because he’s huggably cute.

Lionel’s new partner in crime is the super cute magpie girl Ruby. She is full of energy and life, and enjoys her boys, Lionel and Miles. Because Miles has a bum leg, Lionel is really the only one who can keep up with her, and he tags along everywhere she goes like a lost puppy.

Last but not least is our sweet handicapped girl Danny. She has a friendly spirit and will walk right to me for help each day. I pick her up and help her from the aviary to her pen. She is loyal to her buddy Lester, but also likes to talk with Miles.

As Danny girl says, all the rescues here hope you have a super sweet Valentine’s Day!

10. February 2013 by Silly Human
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