UPDATE: This duck was claimed by the owner today at Seattle Animal Shelter. Here’s a note we received on this blog post:

“Draco has returned home! Thanks for looking out for him. He’s staying in private quarters in the back while we make sure he is healthy and while the flock learns to accept him back. In the Spring he and a hen will move to a newly constructed house in the front yard where they will be on garden patrol searching for bugs and slugs. Yum.”

Unfortunately his home DOES raise muscovy ducks for meat, but they said “due to the effort and kindness that has gone into rescuing Draco, he will move to the front yard rather than the freezer.”

This young male muscovy duck was picked up from Meadowbook Pond on Sunday, December 30th at 11:30am. Residents report he’s been there for a while, but has been coming up to people and dogs for food, and has been chased by dogs. Right now the duck is on hold at Seattle Animal Shelter in case it is a stray. The hold is for 3 days, starting on Wednesday, January 2nd.

We read that he was relocated to Meadowbrook Pond after he was found wandering Lake City Way. The pond is better, but not a good long-term solution for a too-friendly domestic duck. He could be a stray, but people dump male ducks because they don’t produce eggs and more than one muscovy drake can be aggressive in a flock. This guy was way too friendly to be in a park, but probably only because he was hungry. They can get aggressive when begging for food, especially from kids. And they can get hurt approaching dogs.

If you have a safe, predator-proof home (raccoon-proof/coyote-proof) for this guy, please contact the Seattle Animal Shelter starting on Wednesday. We’ll be looking for a home for him as well, and we’re sorry we don’t have room here.

The last thing the Seattle Animal Shelter needs is a duck, but they will do all they can to help him find a home. I have some calls in to a few places so hopefully someone will get back to us soon with a suitable home. Please share this story and his photo. And special thanks to the residents nearby Meadowbrook Pond who sought out help for the duck. He is lucky to have so many nice people making sure he’s safe.

A little bit about muscovy ducks: They are the only ducks not descended from mallards. They don’t speak the same language as other ducks. They’re domestic but considered feral and invasive in the US, and there are large feral populations in the South (Georgia, Florida, the Carolinas). They don’t get as much oil on their feathers as other ducks, and can’t stay as dry in water. They are originally tree-perching South American ducks. In the Washington area, they are unfortunately used for eggs and meat mostly, though they make great city pets if they can be kept safe. They’re good mosquito eaters and they’re very very quiet (they make a huff huff sound instead of quacking).

30. December 2012 by Silly Human
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