Do You Have A Reservation?

Oh hello, Cindy Buttons. I’m afraid the lap is taken at this time. Would you like me to put you on the waiting list?

“I’m pretty sure I have a reservation. Move over, buddy.” – Cindy Buttons

“This is not going to work for me. Put me down.” – O’Malley
You’re not going to let a little chicken kick you off the lap are you?
“Yes. Put me down.” – O’Malley

“Aaaah. That’s much better.” – Cindy Buttons

After Cindy kicked O’Malley off the lap, she enjoyed the view of the yard.

Petunia Peach and Lenora Bea enjoyed a head of lettuce.
“Me first.” – Lenora Bea
“No ME first.” – Petunia Peach
That’s scovy etiquette for you.

“Don’t bug me. I’m taking a dust bath.” – Olly Astro
While Cindy sat with me, Olly and the other hens took dust baths in the pen.

Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday hung out by the pools with Lionel and Miles. They are all getting along really well now. In fact…

Miles and Ruby are now dating, sort of. Miles has a hard time with his bum leg, but neither of them seem to care. All three of them are getting along well-enough to share space now. And today is the first full day that Ruby will spend with them together in a pen. They’re right next door to Lester Leroy and Danny girl, and together they’re a good crew. I think Danny girl likes having another girl around to chat with.

After a flock-filled morning it was time to come inside and make some lunch.

The menu today was vegan tacos. I love this Lightlife ground veggie protein. I add some cumin powder to it to give it even more taco taste, and it’s a great, easy lunch. Daiya makes a good shredded vegan cheddar “cheese” too.

Then it was time to snuggle with the boodle (Simon) and get some work done.

Just another morning at Ducks and Clucks.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

28. December 2012 by Silly Human
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