Lessie Checks In

Lester Leroy wanted to check in and say “quack.” He is doing really well this week. He had a few rough weeks when Gus arrived and started picking his feathers, but he is doing great now. Gus came to us with a nutrition deficiency that made him pluck and eat his own feathers. When we placed him with Lester, he decided it was easier to pluck and eat LESTER’S feathers so he could keep his own feather intact.

To protect Lester from Gus, I kept Lessie separated during the days and in his own kennel near Gus at night. Lester did not like being alone during the day and I think it made him depressed. But now that Gus has stopped plucking, Lester is back with the flock during the days and enjoying the summer sunshine.

Lester is also hopping around really well this week, and he has been maintaining his weight for months now. When he wasn’t doing his best, I wondered if he really had a quality of life that was worth living. But right now he is definitely showing how much he loves his life.

It’s great to see Lessie happy and as healthy as he can be. He loves his routine every day and he even still loves Gus.

So quacks from Lessie. Keep on hoppin.’

29. June 2011 by Silly Human
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