Last Monday, we had a few fun friends come over to feed the flock. I wasn’t so sure the flock would cooperate, because they just aren’t as social and friendly as the previous crew through the years.

But they did pretty good. Olly Astro was happy to take some treats from Evan.

Cindy Buttons was too.

Olly Astro even let Tristan hold her and pet her a bit.

Now Cindy… I couldn’t tell if she was being friendly or not. It looked a little bit like she might peck Evan in the face, so we put her down.

Miles didn’t seem like he’d be friendly. But I held him and he sucked up a few handfuls of peas just like a vacuum cleaner!

Danny girl sits a little awkwardly, but she was happy to have a few treats and visit for a bit.

Here she tells Tristan a funny joke, or she might have been tickling her a bit.

She sat with both kids for quite a while.

And then showed everyone how well she can run back to the pool.

O’Malley was a good visitor for a while, and very friendly, but we didn’t get any pictures of him. Tristan did manage to take home an O’Malley souvenir though. Just a little bite.

Thanks for visiting! And thanks for the cool drawing, too.

05. April 2013 by Silly Human
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  1. Did she cry when she got bit?

  2. I’ve never seen a picture of Annette but I suspect that is her in the last shot? I do recognize Evan an Tristan of course! 😉 How cool that they got to come visit!
    Good to see everyone’s had a great time, I would’t have expected anything else.

  3. Hi, Peter! I love that you recognized my little ones. Now you’ll recognize me when you come to visit us! 🙂

    Thanks, again, Tiff. We had a super fun time.

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