Thanksgiving with the flock

Okay everybody. It’s Thanksgiving today, so why don’t we go around and share one thing we’re thankful for this season? O’Malley? Why don’t you start.

“I am thankful that my wings grew back!” – Me too, O’Malley

“And I am thankful for a warm nest, and a safe pen. – I’m glad you like it, Petunia

“I am thankful for all of the bugs that have gone into my tummy this year.” – And some cookies too, Lenora

“I am thankful that the contractors are done working in the house. I do not like them!” – Oh I bet you are really thankful for that, Simon

“I am thankful that you give me my very own food bowl, so I don’t have to share with Carol.” – Happy to help, Olivia

“I am thankful for quality face-pet time with my people.” – I am thankful for that too, Carol

“I am thankful for long swims in a fresh pool on a warm day.” – That’s a good one, Danny girl

“I am thankful for the sun that makes the grasses grow, and the rains that make the worms pop up from the ground.” – That’s deep, Olly

“I am thankful that you help me out of jams when I get too angry and bite someone.” – I know you try to be good, Miles

crow crow
“I am thankful for the kibble you give me when I bop you on the head.” – You’re welcome, Crow crow

“I am thankful for naps in the warm sun on the green grass, and for Ruby.” – That’s sweet, Lionel

“I am thankful for doodling in mud puddles and for my Lionel.” – You two are too cute, Ruby doo

“I am thankful that you help me wash my face sometimes, and scratch my head.” – I’m happy to help, Lester

silly human
“And I am thankful for all of my feathered and furry family, and all they teach me about being still and quiet, and listening carefully.” – Silly Human

“So, what are you guys thankful for?”

28. November 2013 by Silly Human
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  1. I’m grateful that I know you, Carol hen! And the other ducks, the clucks, Simon, and the people.

  2. Thanks for such a great blog!!

  3. I’m thankful Ducks and Clucks is on Facebook, because it’s fun looking at the ducks and chickens and reading about their activities

  4. I am thankful that I have three amazing daughters that were reared with compassion and deep respect for all creatures. And that they have grown into amazing people like my youngest daughter who sent me a text saying she made a contribution to you in my name. The fact that there are so many wonderful and selfless people who like us care enough to rescue and help in any way is at the very top of the thankful chart! Lets hope we all make others open their eyes to the need for respect to animals to learn self respect and that for others. Glad we both can help in some way! Good luck to all.

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