New Girl Picks a Name

ruby tuesday
The new girl has chosen her name! She is just so very precious, like a Ruby. That made me think of the Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday” so I listened to it…

“She would never say where she came from. Yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone.”

“Don’t question why she needs to be so free. She’ll tell you it’s the only way to be.”

Well that seems fitting for a girl who just turned up on the side of the road.

Please welcome our precious Ruby Tuesday. I’m pretty sure I’ll be calling her “Ruby Roobie Roo!” as a nickname. Also, she asked that you take note of her tiny little head crest near the back of her head. It’s cute and silly and precious, just like her.

Here she is getting acquainted with Miles and Lionel this morning.

Welcome to Ducks and Clucks, precious Ruby.

24. December 2012 by Silly Human
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Comments (7)

  1. Fantastic!

    Silly head crest duly noted.

  2. Ruby – love it!

  3. How wonderful!! Ruby is absolutely adorable! Love how the boys are with her! It’s great to see another GIRL in the duck mix!!

  4. Oh my, she is gorgeous. I hope she’s quiet enough for your neighborhood as she is just perfectly beautiful. What a wonderful rescuer: Dear Rescuer – thank you so much for picking her up and looking hard for a good home and bringing this lovely lady so far to such a great home. You are our hero!

  5. Adorable! Ruby is a perfect name for such a sweet and gorgeous duck 🙂

    I love her unexpected little crest, and her fancy magpied feet! I’ve missed your lovely Chewy, and am so glad to see another magpie duck joining the flock <3

    (On a side note, I've never seen O'Malley look as enormous as he did in this video, compared to sweetie Ru-Tue!)

    • Ha ha O’Malley DOES look like a mutant monster duck compared to little Ruby. Ruby is almost as small as Lionel, our rescued pastel call duck.

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