Okay everybody. It’s Thanksgiving, so why don’t we go around and share one thing we’re thankful for this season. O’Malley? How about you start?

“I am thankful for snuggles with my people.” – O’Malley Peepers

“I am thankful for my friends, foraging for bugs and Cheerios.” – Petunia Peach

“Hmmm… I am thankful for naps on the couch and for my magic food dish that is never empty.” – Simon

“I am thankful for my health and for extra time with my friends.” – Ramona Monster

“I am thankful for cookies. I am more thankful for cookies than the others, so they said I can have their cookies too.” – Olivia

“I am thankful for my part-time job as duck masher.”
No no, Cindy. That’s not your job.
“It’s okay. I would do it for free.” – Cindy Buttons

“I am thankful for your help carrying me to the aviary each day.” – Danny girl

“I am thankful for time by myself in the tree trunk pool, and for my stunning good looks.” – Lionel

“I am thankful for tomatoes, corn and lettuces. And sometimes peas.” – Olly Astro

“I am thankful for new friends and a safe home.” – Lenora Bea

“I am thankful for my very own pool so I can soak my bum leg.” – Miles
“And I am thankful for puddles next to the pool that I can doodle in.” – Lucky

“I am thankful that I can fly high, with a little help.” – Lester Leroy

face pets
“I am thankful for face pets… I really am. Now pet my face.” – Carol

a lot
We have a lot to be thankful for, that is for sure. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

21. November 2012 by Silly Human
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  1. Awww, they are all so precious…and I love the latest video of Cindy hogging the food dish, hahaha!

  2. Adorable posting, Tiffany! I am thankful to have the privilege of reading your regular blog posts of your wonderful flock and your devotion and dedication to them!

  3. I’m grateful to have been introduced to you and your gang, and to be learning more with each post about the world of ducks and clucks. You’re all quite special to me; I’m grateful to have you in my life, even in this cyber-way.

  4. LOVED the photos and stories. Have had to catch up on the new ducks. Simon’s photo is a winner next to Carol’s. I had printed Simon’s photo off from last time and have it up next to my computer. He just makes me smile. He has always taken such great photos.

  5. I am thankful for being able to peruse the Ducks and Clucks website!

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