Sad News

Sad News: Ramona has high-grade lymphoma. That means aggressive cancer of the lymphatic system. That explains why she had a lesion in her throat as well as down by her vent. She will be able to be treated for a bit with steroids until she decides she’s in too much pain or too tired to fight any longer.

She won’t suffer.

17. August 2012 by Silly Human
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  1. I’m so dreadfully sorry for you and Ramona. I know you will do right by her.

  2. Oh Tiff, I’m so sorry to hear this. Three years ago we lost one of our cats, four year -old Dashiell, to lymphoma. I know what you mean about letting her decide about when she’s done, and I’m sure she’ll let you know.

    Keeping you all in my prayers, and sending heart-healing vibes your way.

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