Good thoughts for Ramona Monster

Ramona monster
Ramona had been nesting in early July. This photo was taken on July 13th when she was sitting on a clutch of eggs and hoping to hatch them. We don’t let eggs hatch here, but she doesn’t know that, so she keeps trying.

By July 22nd she had given up on the eggs and seemed happy to be back to the aviary, hanging out with O’Malley and Petunia.

Just three days ago, she seemed her normal self, but something was already wrong. I picked her up Friday afternoon and noticed she had a prolapse. That’s where part of the inside tissue gets stuck outside of the vent. It’s very uncomfortable and I could tell it had been like that for a few days at least. Ramona is not friendly so she wasn’t fond of me picking her up. It seemed like she knew I was trying to help though.

I made her a vet appointment for today, and this morning she stood next to me, as if she was asking for help. I know she must be feeling bad if she is coming to me for help, so I am very worried.

At the vet, they discovered her prolapse is actually a mass, a tumor. It’s over 2″ long and over an inch in diameter. She also has some pus in her throat which may be an unrelated infection that just came up because her system is worn down from the tumor.

She was started on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories today so she will be ready for surgery on Tuesday. Once the tumor is removed it’ll be sent for a biopsy and we’ll know more. Keep your fingers crossed that the infection isn’t too far along and that she can rebound. We also hope the tumor is benign. Someone asked “what caused the tumor?” There’s no way to tell. She’s a young rescue still… maybe 2-3 years old. She lives in the same pen, aviary and yard as O’Malley and Petunia, and eats the same food, treats and shares water. O’Malley will be 7-years-old in September and Petunia is a little older than that. They’re both healthy, so it’s tough to say why Ramona ended up with a tumor.

I mentioned a few days ago that Ramona was being a nice kid right now. That should have been a warning sign to me that something was wrong with her, but I just thought it was her transition into molting. I should know that a good attitude is not normal for the Ramona Monster. Please keep her in your thoughts this weekend and next week. We’ll update when we know more.

Thanks and quacks,

Tiff and the flock

04. August 2012 by Silly Human
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