This week I am off work, but staying at home and trying to stay offline. It is a week of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately the first few days have been ruled by my tonsils, but they are improving thankfully, so I hope to get some fun in before the week is through.

For now, it’s all about rest. Every morning I get up early and take my blankets and pillow out to the yard to hang with the flock.

Carol likes to get up at 5:30am, but I don’t like the flock to be in the yard unattended, so I nap out there until late morning. As you can see, Cindy Buttons keeps me company. She is a great nap companion.

the rest
The rest of the chickens tend to stand close and stare at me while I sleep.

It’s a little disconcerting to wake up to a chicken staring at you, inches from your face. But I think they are waiting and hoping “the treat dispenser” wakes up and gets them treats. They are good and quiet until I’m ready to get up.

O’Malley is good company in the mornings too, but he tends to bite to wake me up so he can snuggle. That’s not quite as restful.

In the evenings, I head back outside to spend more time with the flock. Cindy Buttons is always ready to spend more time visiting, and hops right up onto her spot on my ankle or leg or lap or whatever works. She is such a sweet girl.

Simon enjoys this time in the yard, too. He has a great time watching the little birds like sparrows, wrens and black-capped chickadees.

It’s interesting to spend this much time with the flock. They are friendlier after just a few mornings together, and I am learning even more about their communication. Here Petunia begs to be let inside this pen so she can steal some of Danny girl’s eggs. I gave her 3 of Danny’s eggs and now she stops begging to get inside.

She is too old to lay eggs herself anymore, so I thought it would be nice to share. She has never been really friendly, but lately she will let me catch her and pat her just a bit, as long as I’m nice about it.

She also sits very close to me in the yard, and will come to me for treats. It’s nice after all these years to gain more of her trust.

Everyone else is doing well and we’re having a good, lazy week.

Lionel Ernest, the adorable little pastel call duck, goes back to the vet tomorrow to make sure his latest antibiotic is helping his foot. You can kind of see that it is still swollen. It may still need to be cleaned out, but it’ll be good to see first that the infection is improving before we try to do something more invasive.

That’s it for now. We’ll be loafin’ around all week, so stay tuned.

Quacks and clucks,

Tiff & the flock

29. May 2012 by Silly Human
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  1. Tiff, most people would pay money for a vacation like that. Minus the tonsil part, of course.

    Nice to see that Olivia is still her gorgeous self. Napping with chickens is the best. I just took home a little chick from the wildlife center that somebody found with messed up legs. She has them splinted out straight, so she’s stuck on her side unless I hold her. She can actually make it to her food and water, but she likes being with me. This morning, I rolled over and scooped her out of her laundry basket and slept for about 3 hours with her cuddled up by my face. She makes the sweetest little purring sounds.

    I do worry about integrating her with the flock if/when she recovers as a single bird, but hopefully Punky and his Summer Camp ladies will take to her.

  2. Well that’s a major bummer about your tonsils, Tiff. Here’s hoping they heal and that you have a medically uneventful vacation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how you’re spending your mornings and evenings with your precious flock, and how the extra time is helping improve some relationships. Yay!

    I’m curious about the egg situation; you wrote that you gave Petunia three of Danny’s eggs. Is that because Petunia wants to sit on them? Obviously, I know nothing about this kind of thing, never having had ducks or chickens in my life. It’s been dogs and cats for me, so I’d appreciate any enlightenment you can provide.

    And I just love the photo of O’Malley snuggling up to you. So sweet, although I can understand why it isn’t “quite as restful” when he signals his readiness to snuggle by biting you. 🙂

    • Petunia just wanted the eggs, but she hasn’t been sitting on them. I shake all eggs vigorously so they don’t develop (the last thing we need is more ducks). Female ducks like to mess up other ducks’ nests. Competitive for scarce resources I think.

      • Thanks Tiff, that answers another question too, about what happens to the eggs the girls lay. You’ve got a real Peyton Place on your hands, don’t you?

        • Ha ha yes. I should mention, we also feed the eggs back to the flock. The egg shells especially are great for the girls and help them lay more eggs with strong shells. It takes a lot of calcium to make eggshells. By letting them sit on eggs, it also gives them a break from egg-laying and is natural for them.

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