Danny girl and her boys

Danny girl is doing okay, but not as good as she was doing a few months ago. She had another round of chelation medication to make sure she didn’t have any metal left in her system, but that didn’t seem to help.

So today we took her into the vet to have blood work done again. If you recall, Danny came to us from PAWS just before Christmas very near death. She had a bad infection and serious metal poisoning from swallowing a large piece of metal. She was really very near death, and I wasn’t sure she’d make it.

But she has been holding her own, and hopefully we can help her improve just a bit more so she can get around better. Her boys sure love her.

She rooms with Lester, who is also handicapped. But these two here, Miles and Lucky, quack at her every move and love to watch her all day long.

Danny girl is easy to adore, and Lester, Miles and Lucky are all smitten. We’ll keep you posted on her health, but she’s stable for now thankfully.

In other news, the scovies are doing well. Petunia is rooming with two chickens right now though, because the Ramona monster isn’t very nice to her. They all spend the day together, but at night Petunia snoozes with Cindy Buttons and Olivia hens.

carol eggs
Carol has been sneaky lately. We couldn’t figure out where she was hiding eggs, but as you can see, we finally found the spot. She’ll get to keep them there for a little while, and then we’ll steal them and feed the eggshells back to the hens so they have enough calcium to make more eggs in the future.

Here’s a photo of Felix the gosling from his rescue last weekend. The people who helped rescue Felix sent it to me, and the couple on the left were the ones who noticed Felix was all alone for too many hours. Hopefully he is doing well and growing up big and strong at PAWS with other gosling friends.

Today O’Malley and I hung out together in the yard for a while. He loves to snuggle and tuck his beak under anything he can.

It doesn’t seem like the easiest way to breathe, but as you can see, when he sits like this his beak sticks out the other side.

Simon hung out in the yard today with us as well. He loves to sit and listen to all the little birds that play in the trees. He even shared my lap with Cindy Buttons today, much to her irritation.

Both Cindy and Simon are used to having to having my lap all to themselves. But they are learning to share.

Lastly, once Danny returned from the vet and her boys were sure she was safe, they had a fun time in the pool and enjoyed the day.

Happy weekend from ducks and clucks.

28. April 2012 by Silly Human
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