Strike a pose there’s nothing to it. Vogue.

Olly strikes a pose at the vet’s office today. We’re really glad we decided to take her sneezing seriously and take her to the vet, because she has some serious issues going on.

Olly has had her share of issues in the past. She was surrendered to the vet when her owners didn’t want to pay for her medical care. She had such a serious respiratory infection that it took 8 weeks and several medications for her to fight her way back to health. She has always been prone to respiratory infections because of that, and she’s had a few over the years.

Unfortunately she also has fluid on her abdomen, which could be a recurrence of her other health issues: internal egg laying. She had her oviduct removed over a year ago and over 20 yolks removed from her abdomen. But she still has her ovary, so it’s possible she is laying internally again. The vet took some cultures and slides and we should know more in a week. Meanwhile she’s on antibiotics to help, and as you can see, she is back in the yard noshing on bugs and grass.

Olly just seemed to have a little sneeze, so I’m really glad I listened to my instinct and took her in to see the vet. Sometimes a minor issue can be serious with pets, so it’s best to be sure and have them checked out. Michelle, one of our favorite vet techs, carried Olly around the office with her. And we also saw a goose, cockatoo, parrot, cockatiel, iguana and some canaries.

Back on the home front, Lester and Danny girl took a swim while Miles and Lucky looked on.

And sweet Simon took a nap in my arms while we sat on the lawn with the ducks and clucks.

Sometimes he would hear a birdy and wake up for a minute.

He’d look around and follow them through the trees.

And then he’d drift off, back to dreamland.

Here’s hoping you’re having a peaceful weekend like Simon.

Quacks and clucks,


21. April 2012 by Silly Human
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