A quick flight and some other birds

We left our flock for a few days this past weekend to visit some family and friends in Utah.

I got to visit and play with my best friend Tricia and her cute kids.

Here are two of them hamming it up for me. Aren’t they adorable?

I got to eat out at some great vegan restaurants in Salt Lake City and my dad even tried vegan food!

Dad: “Don’t you remember when I was vegetarian and hanging out at the Himalayan Institute and making my own sprouts and yogurt?”
Me: “So you’re saying it’s genetic?”
Dad: “No. I’m saying it’s a phase.”
Me: “Ha ha ha.”

I was stalked by my mom’s crazy closet cat.

Snuggled with her dog, Roscoe and met my best friend’s new dog Bella.

Played with my baby sister Fiona at my parents’ house.

And even visited some really cool birds at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, UT. This one’s an emu.

This guy with the fancy eyelashes is a Southern Ground Hornbill.

And this one, well they let me hold this one.

He’s an Aplomado Falcon. And he was very cool.

mt ranier
But now we’re home sweet home. The flock is doing fine, and even furball Simon is well.

And we found this wonderful card from all of our friends at PETA waiting for us in the mailbox. They sent this card of condolences on the loss of our super roo, Toro. PETA crowned Toro their 2012 Champion Chicken and I know they are as sorry as we are to see him go.

I know Toro was very special to a lot of people, and I want to thank each and every person who sent condolences or posted notes online about this special guy. He really was a wonderful, fluffy little round roo and his big personality left a big hole in our hearts now that he’s gone. But it was all worth it, just to know him.

Thank you, everyone, for the well wishes.

P.S. A NOTE ABOUT AVIARIES: I was just driving by the aviary and decided to check it out. I normally do not frequent any place that makes money off of animals in any way. But I have an aviary myself for rescues and know others who have aviaries, so I was interested in how the place was built. The aviaries are really nice, but in many cases too small. I felt there were too many flamingos for the size of their area, and the Southern Ground Hornbills seemed to have some pacing/stress behaviors. The place looked nice, but in some cases it didn’t feel nice. This is unfortunately very often the case with zoos, aquariums and other “educational” animal businesses.

16. April 2012 by Silly Human
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