New Guy Picks a Name

The new guy has chosen his name. I think it fits him well. He is a distinguished, charming gentleman duck… except when he is being goofy.

Here he is enjoying some tub time with Lester and Danny girl tonight.

Welcome, Miles. We’re happy to have you here, buddy.

16. January 2012 by Silly Human
Categories: New Rescues | 4 comments

Comments (4)

  1. Love his name, Tiffany! Yes, Miles, you are a very handsome devil!

  2. *Love* the name he chose! It’s one I’m considering for the new kittens we’ll be adopting next month. They’ll be rescues, of course. (Simon’s the other name.)

    It looks kinda fun to have rubba-dub-dub, three ducks in the tub, but I bet it’s actually pretty messy. Thanks for the video. 🙂

  3. Hi Miles! I hope you have fun with Silly Human!

  4. Welcome Miles. Ooh you are so big. You seem gentle. Be careful of Danny and Lester. They are little and sweet.

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