Talking with Cowboy

Cowboy is a good talker. Today we talked for a few minutes and then I came in and played the tape of us talking for Monroe. Monroe listened to every second and talked right back to him, so I let her go outside for a bit and visit.

Here’s video of me talking with Cowboy.

He is a really cute guy, and a good conversationalist.

Monroe is holding her own today after a full day at the vet yesterday. Her whole system was blocked off, so they had to put her under brief anesthesia and clean out her digestive tract basically. Monroe needs to show she can poop on her own and then she can be considered “on the mend.” Both Monroe and Danny go back to the vet again this Saturday for yet another re-check to ensure they are still both on the path to recovery.

Thanks and quacks and honks and clucks,

Tiff & the flock

04. January 2012 by Silly Human
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  1. Gorgeous and a good conversationalist? I’m in love.

    I like how he looks at you with upturned beak, as if to say, “Who or what are you? You look suspicious to me.”

    Heps and honks to Cowboy and his lady.

  2. So glad that Cowboy is in safe hands. Listening to the video, my cat Wilbur jumped up next to my laptop and listened to Cowboy chatting. Wilbur kept smelling the screen but I’m not sure I convinced him that Cowboy was not able to walk out onto the keyboard.

  3. Cowboy looks a lot like my Pomeranian geese. Some of them do have the grey coloring all the way down their necks, rather than just on the head.

    Cowboy is making happy goose sounds 🙂 I have a goose with a severe prolapse, who survived the vet “replacing” it (it was the size of a tangerine before I could catch her). Geese are tough survivors, and I have every hope for Monroe. Considering the vet care and Tiff’s personal care, I believe we’ll see her and Cowboy off to their forever home together 🙂

  4. Oh Cowboy looks so happy! He sounds happy too! Much happier than he seemed at Magnuson, even when Monroe was well. I think he missed people and having a safe home. My cat Luke also perked up and wanted to know who was chattering away on the iPhone 🙂

    Hang in there Monroe, Cowboy’s waiting for you.

  5. This is great, I love the video, and I love listening to you talk to the Geese and Ducks Tiff. You are fantastic and I love what you do and who you are.

  6. What a sweet boy he is! I’m glad you were able to save him. My Lucy Goose will face losing her mate as it is evident he is ready to go free from suffering. 🙁

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