Toro the Muse

Toro roo is doing well these days. In spite of his large size and his little legs, he gets around okay still, and seems happy. Today we sat in the yard together and stretched his legs out for a while. Then we got a note from our friend Audrey.

Audrey is an artist who works with mixed-media and collage. She is currently working on a series with birds, and this one piece was inspired by our very own Toro roo. Isn’t it cool? It’s also for sale, so if it’s your thing, visit her Etsy site to check it out:

Toro is taking the attention pretty well, but it might be starting to go to his head. He asked for Evian water in his bowl tonight.

Special thanks to Audrey for featuring handsome Toro roo in her work. We’re honored.

20. November 2011 by Silly Human
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  1. You’ve done a brilliant job to keep Toro happy and healthy. Who’d have thought he’d still be going strong. What a champion boy, not to mention very handsome!!! Check out the determined look in his eye.

  2. I love to hear about Toro! I had a white rooster named Fred when i was a teenager – he was a laying chicken, not a broiler- but his face looked a lot like Toro. He was my buddy and lived a long, pampered, suburban life (in spite of the morning crowing). Toro roo is a very pretty chicken.

  3. Hey, Whats with all the birds being famous. Thats my job!

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