Incoming: New Girl

where am i
“Where am I?”

Tonight we took in a new girl. She is a little, black Indian runner duck.

“What is this stuff?”

She was a little wary at first, but she came around after she settled in a bit.

She much preferred hanging out with me to hanging out alone in her pen.

So she came and sat on the couch with me for a while. She is really super friendly and obviously imprinted and hand-raised.

I held her beak and told her we are good friends now, so she drifted off to sleep.

Later she was ready to go back to her pen, where she ate some food and drank some water. Now she is getting some much-needed rest. I can’t wait to talk to her again in the morning.

This little girl was dumped at a park after being hand-raised. That is usually a death sentence for ducks. Domestic, hand-raised, imprinted ducks cannot be released at parks. It is not only illegal, it is downright cruel. It would be like releasing a kitten in the forest to fend for itself.

Luckily, this duck followed a man and his dog back to their car. He just happened to be very animal friendly and his wife keeps pigeons. He tried to get the duck to go back towards the water, but she kept right by him. His wife asked “can you pick her up?” and he reached down and easily picked her up, so they took her home.

They knew enough about ducks to know she was a dumped, domestic Indian runner female duck with a slight respiratory problem and slight angel wing. Pretty amazing that the duck followed them to their car, eh? Smart duck.

They were good eggs to bring her all the way to me from Kent, and they also left a very generous donation. You just can’t look at this duck and not want to do everything you can to help her. It makes me so mad to think someone dropped her at the park like trash.

She is here now though, and doing well. I am not sure if she can stay forever, as girl ducks are usually too loud for my neighborhood. But we shall see. She is a sweetheart. Tomorrow we will take a fecal sample to the vet and if it is all clear, she can hang out in the yard with the ducks and clucks. Her respiratory issue cleared right up as soon as she blew some boogers into a deep dish of water. That is a good sign, and she is otherwise in good health.

More to come. For now, she is called “Shadow,” since she follows you everywhere you go.

Quacks and clucks,

Tiff and Shadow

07. October 2011 by Silly Human
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  1. Shadow is a beautiful name for a beautiful ducky. She’s very smart to know exactly who to follow and that the human she followed was animal friendly. We have a mommy runner with her two baby runners (females as well). They are a noisy bunch, but we love them. They are so comical running around in my garden, quacking like crazy ducks. 🙂 I wish I lived closer. We could give her a home here with my girls.

  2. What a beautiful duck. I love dark colored animals.

    You’re a kindred spirit to the little birds 🙂

  3. She is a beautiful girl! Her story breaks my heart. I can never quite get past the cruelty of some “human beings.” I’m glad she picked some good people out at the park, and found her way to you though. Lucky girl! Take care sweet little girl–you’re in a good place now, and hopefully find a fantastic forever home soon (if I lived closer, I would totally want to adopt her–I share my home with some runner kiddos, and they are my heart!)

  4. Hee, so cute! Shadow is a name that’s given to just about anything dark, but it kinda suits her. Soft and follow-y.

    I guess she’ll pick her own name in time, but that’s a good choice for now; or if it turns out she can’t stay.

    Let’s hope she’s as quiet as her namesake too, so we can continue to read about her adventures. >_>

  5. She sounds just like my female cayuga, and looks just like her except she has the runner build. She is beautiful, I have always found that color the be very pretty on a duck. 🙂 I’m very glad that she found some good people to help get her to a safe place.

  6. Thanks for opening your door to this sweet darling Shadow…You have a good heart!

  7. Hi Shadow! I hope you can stay with Silly Human. She’s got a lot of nice buddies for you to play with!

  8. Unfortunately, this is way too common for my liking. I’ve been seeing a lot of people-oriented ducks being dumped, lately. I cannot take them, but try to at least help them as much as I can. Some of the adults end up doing OK at least for a while, if they are shown where water and food are and are comfortable around other waterfowl. Ducklings and heavily imprinted ducks die very fast.

    However, just all every single domestic duck that gets dumped lives a substantially shorter life than they ever would if they were kept by their humans, even the ones that integrate, well, into the wild flocks. It just makes me sad when they go and I hate that people do that.

    I’ve talked to many people about this and you wouldn’t believe how many people think that it’s perfectly OK and acceptable to do this. I even had one guy say, “Oh, it’s OK to dump ducks because they can survive on their own unlike a dog or a cat”.

    Shadow was obviously loved at one time, so I can’t imagine why they dumped her.

  9. Tiff, thank you so much for being such an excellent resource to the needy birds in our area. Shadow is in a good, safe place now!

  10. She is gorgeous! Very elegant and sleek-looking, and you know that I love runners. That’s a great name for her.

    Shadow’s no fool. She knows good people — first the nice couple, and now you.

    I’m looking forward to stories of her antics. I wonder how the dino-ducks will react to her. I hope you can keep her, but if not, I know you’ll find an excellent home for her.

  11. the ducky is beautiful! i have never seen an all black duck. hope she settles in well

  12. O.M.G. Look at that face!!! Congratulations, Shadow Girl, you are truly blessed 🙂

  13. Yowie zowie, she’s a beauty!! Smart, beautiful and affectionate – what an unbeatable combination, eh?

    I love your description of how she cleared up her respiratory problems. 🙂 So practical!! Hope you two enjoy each others’ company for however long you’re together. It sure is a pleasure getting to know her.

  14. What a wonderful rescue of Shadow. I am so proud of my sister for bringing Shadow to you. And so impressed by Tiff to be able to care for Shadow. It gives me goosebumps, or would that be “duckbumps?”

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