Turkey in a Sling

This weekend started with a cup of coffee and lounging on the lawn with the flock. Cindy Buttons has decided I am her favorite perch, and she climbs on me whenever and wherever I sit down.

After lounging with the flock, we went out to gather supplies to make a sling for Persephone and Toro roo. Persy’s leg has really given out and she has trouble standing and turning. It’s tough to see her struggle.

Toro could also use a sling so he can stretch his legs. He can walk a little bit, but it is a big effort for him so he spends most of his time sitting down. These two poor kids are a mess.

We went to the fabric store, the hardware store and the used baby goods store. We ended up taking a baby bouncer chair and modifying it to fit Persephone Kerfuffle. The height is adjustable, but we got it pretty close right off the bat.

Here’s a little video of Persy in the sling.

I think it was pretty comfy because she fell asleep. Hopefully the chair gives her a little stability in her legs and lets her stretch them. She’ll get to spend about an hour a day in the sling, depending on when we’re home.

Toro tried the swing next, and he was able to stretch out his legs and rest them a bit. It works well for both of them, so we’re pretty happy.

We’re going to make a few adjustments to it and add some larger elastic, but for a first try, it works pretty well.

In other news, we added some new paint and polkadots to the birdhouses that decorate the duck pens.

And we learned a new secret about Carol.

That’s it from the ducks and clucks (and kerfufflers).

Have a good week.

14. August 2011 by Silly Human
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  1. You’re crazy but awesome, Tiff!

  2. Tiff, you are so funny. I saw the turkey first in that swing and I just laughed and laughed but it was all for good. You are so awesome and imaginative in how you can make these little tykes lives so much better. You need to get one of those Nobel Peace Prizes. To then see the turkey fall asleep in his swing. too much – i’m sure they both love stretching their little legs and not having that pressure on them. You are a riot Tiff and we love you for caring for these great little creatures in your backyard including the Simon guy.

  3. I’m mightily impressed. That sling is a top idea. They both look very comfortable in it.

  4. Awwww I love the sling! You are so innovative.

  5. Petting a chicken’s cheek. I’d never have thought of such a thing, and am so glad you did. Seeing Carol stand there and calmly (happily?) blink her eyes as you gave her some loving attention made my heart very happy.

  6. Wow–that is some love right there. I’m feeling horrible for eating chicken satay for dinner tonight…I’m thinking if more people saw how these critters are souls, too, we’d ALL become vegetarian. Kudos to you–these birds are mighty blessed to have you!

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