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Remember when turkey and roo were little tiny things?

Exactly one month later they are no longer little. Toro the roo is doing pretty well. He is beyond the age he would have been slaughtered for food, but he is still comfortable and enjoying his little rooster life. We know he won’t have long with us, but we’re in no hurry to say goodbye. He will let us know when he’s done.

Turkey has changed her name. She says we heard it wrong before. It’s not Penelope. It’s Persephone Kerfuffle. She is my first turkey, so I’m still working on perfecting the language. Persephone really seems to fit her, and she is doing really well.

Cindy Buttons did not want to come out of her nest this morning, and that had us a little worried about her. But tonight we realized she laid her first egg today! Little Cindy Buttons is growing up, sniff sniff.

Poor Simon woke up this morning feeling crummy. He was fine last night, but by morning he was uncomfortable, not purring, vomiting and hiding behind furniture. So he went to the vet this evening and it seems he has inflamed intestines and all that comes along with that. We’re not sure why yet, it’s possible it’s because he’s just getting old. But he has pain meds, fluids and other meds, so he is feeling a little better tonight. His purr machine even started working again, and he’s sitting on the couch with us instead of hiding behind furniture. We’re hoping it passes and he starts eating again soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Lastly, here’s a little video of Persephone Kerfuffle taking a dust bath. You can hear lots of her special turkey noises, and there’s a cameo by O’Malley and Simon.

Quacks and clucks,

Silly human

03. August 2011 by Silly Human
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  1. Congratulations to Cindy Buttons on her first egg!

    Hope Simon is feeling much better soon. He’s such a sweetie!

    Love the little bubble noises Persephone makes. She’s quite an accomplished dust bather!

  2. That video was so cute with Simon coming in at the end with his little meowing. I hope he gets through the intestinal distress ok. My cat Harvey is 17 and he gets extra loving, more treats as i can tell he’s losing weight. But he stays active and plays with the other younger cats.

    Turkey and Roo have grown a lot in one month’s time. Thanks for your past info on broiler chickens. Congratulations to Cindy Buttons for her first egg laying. That is a major accomplishment.

  3. oh my your information on broiler chickens made me ashamed to be human. Sigh, I don’t think I can eat chicken again. Luckily my favorite thai place makes their salad rolls with tofu as an alternative to meat. I am going to switch. I doubt I can talk my husband into going vegetarian but I am going to be making more meatless meals from now on.
    I had fallen behind on my ducks and clucks reading so I once again got caught up on the doin’s of your backyard friends. I loved your rant regarding those who just let their chickens suffer. Feckless is the best word for these people.
    I found a dog the other day a poodle mix with that kind of hair that mats horribly if not cared for. I spent some time brushing and cleaning up the poor critter even put some flea stuff on the poor dog. If I find the dog wondering again I am not returning the poor critter. I told the girl that came to pick it up that they needed to brush the poor dog as the mats are very uncomfortable and the fleas are terrible. She claims the dog is her roommates. If so then I am sure my efforts to be firm yet diplomatic were all for naught.. It amazes me that people do more research before buying clothes than they do before they get a pet. grrr. I really am not returning that poor little critter if she gets out again.

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