Names for Some New Kids

Foster baby broiler roo has chosen the name “Toro!” He is a strong baby broiler roo and it is a fitting name. I imagine his voice if he spoke English would be something like Antonio Banderas. “I am strong roo! My name, it is Toro!” He is doing well for a broiler chicken, and enjoys his days with his turkey buddy.

Speaking of turkey, she hasn’t chosen a name yet. I don’t even know if she’s a she. I don’t know enough about turkeys to tell if it’s a boy or a girl. That makes it hard to tell if a name is going to be a good fit.

turkey draw
So foster kid turkey came with me to the vet for a quick blood draw so we can find out if she’s a boy or girl. Sorry turkey… I know being wrapped like a burrito isn’t very fun, but it was only one minute. Turkey got some peas as a treat and was just fine with the car ride. Turkey is super sweet and very affectionate and personable. Plus, turkeys make more interesting noises than ducks or chickens, so it sounds like they’re better conversationalists. We should have the gender results in 10 days and then give turkey a proper name.

Lastly, the other new rescue, who is a permanent resident, chose her name yesterday. She would like to be called “Cindy Buttons.” She is doing great and is slowly working her way into the flock. Janet still thinks she should be pecked to death, but even Carol is letting her roam the yard without too much harassment.

So that’s it! Two of the three new rescues have names. And turkey should find one soon, once we know if she’s a boy or girl. Have a great weekend and keep on quacking and clucking, or kerfuff-fuffing as turkeys do.

16. July 2011 by Silly Human
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  1. Cindy Buttons is the best name I’ve ever heard in my life. Just so you know. 🙂

    Does Toro crow in the mornings? Will you need to keep him inside like Fabio and Cal?

  2. I like the 2 names! Very fitting! 🙂

  3. I LOVE TORO!!! Banderas is a cool guy too and of course plays a cat so that is a good thing too. Cindy Buttons is also very good and original. I think the ducks would be enjoying our Seattle weather as of late…..unlike the rest of us. LOL Glad that all are doing good.

  4. Leah, Toro does not crow yet, thankfully. He is still a peep peep peeper.

  5. A Turkey burrito = Turkito! 🙂

    Love to Cindy Buttons, Toro, and the turkey — and to the rest of the Crew!

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