Lessie’s New Wingman

Today we took Olivia the chicken to the vet and picked up a new rescued duck while we were there.

This duck was dumped in Magnolia, Seattle and was caked with feces and mud. He likely never had a deep water bowl, tub or pool to clean his face. He had a check-up and a negative fecal test at the vet, so he came home with us right away.

before after
Look how much better he looks after taking a few baths today while I was at work! That stuff caked around his eyes was mud and feces. It’s tough to be a dumped duck.

The new guy was thought to be a girl, because he’s kind of small. But he is a muscovy-mallard hybrid male duck, and he sounds just like a hybrid we had named Kozmo Kirby. He is fairly young, and fairly unfriendly to humans. But he walked right up to Ramona and gave her sass, which made Ramona chase him mercilessly around the yard, around the pond and under shrubbery. He finally ran to me for safety, and I picked him up to save him from the mean Ramona monster.

Once he was safe from the Ramona monster, he started to hang out with Lester, and quickly decided that Lester was his new best friend. In this video you can hear his Kozmo-like hybrid boy voice.

And boy does he ever love Lester! Lessie is not sure what to make of his new, young wingman. I think he’d like him to back up a bit and stop preening his feathers and snuggling and cuddling though. Ramona, as you can tell, is still trying to get to the new guy to beat him up. I thought about moving Ramona in with O’Malley and Petunia, or putting Ramona with O’Malley and asking Petunia to room with the new guy, but the new guy chose Lester. Lester has his hands full keeping both the Ramona monster and the new guy in check, but I think he can handle it. I let them spend the night together and checked on them a few times to make sure the new guy was giving Lester a break. He adores Lester, even though Lester bites at him. I love that Lester finally has a buddy, and a sweet one at that. Hopefully they will continue to get along as the new boy grows up. It would be great to keep him forever, and it’d be wonderful for Lester to have a permanent wingman.

In other news, Olivia did good at the vet today. We will have the results of her blood work tomorrow. She has cataracts, which probably isn’t rare for a 10-year-old hen. And her head swelling is gone which means her cold is probably leaving too. Hopefully she’ll be fine. We just wanted to be safe.

That’s it for tonight.

Clucks and quacks,

Silly Human

12. May 2011 by Silly Human
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  1. Great news! I hope he and Lester will become best buddies, yes, his voice sounds smiliar to Kozmo.
    I see Lester can stand on his two legs, that’s quite an improvement, good to see:-)
    Happy to hear Olivia is doing well too.

  2. I LOVE that you called the new kid a “close talker”. Had me ROFLMAO!!! Good ole Seinfeld memories…

  3. You have a magical way of making things turn out good for the animals.

  4. I keep calling Lester “Les Nessman” in my head, so I think that you should give the newbie a WKRP name — Herb Tarlick or Venus Flytrap, for instance.

    WKRP in Cincinn-AAAAH-TEEEE.

    Showing my age.

  5. New Kid (or Newman, as I have already named him in my head) looks SO happy. Happy ducks make me happy. 🙂

  6. So glad to see that Lessie is standing so well, and that he has a new friend. I think he’s doing a great job of keeping everyone in check. Would love to see the new kid become a permanant wingman.

  7. Glad that Olivia is getting over her cold.

    Woo-hoo for the new boy! Settling in quite nicely.

    Boy does Lester look good!!! What a change from when he first came!

  8. Lester is doing quite well with that leg considering how he was when he first came on board. Did I hear you named the new black young duck Reno on Facebook? seems i hard that name being said to him.

    I’m sure everyone in the backyard loved our weather today as the rest of us did. 🙂

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